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On Menu 


  • Roastbeef steak 65zł/ 250g
    Extremely delicate and tender meat. Recommended with Béarnaise or pepper sauce.
  • Beef rib-eye steak 60zł/ 250g
    Irish rib-eye steak, recommended for lovers of contradictory tastes. Rib-eye, with a slightly fatty envelope, that makes the meat tender. Béarnaise and pepper sauce match this kind of steak perfectly. 
  • Sirloin steak 95zł/ 250g
    The highest quality sirloin steak flambéed with Cherry vodka. Perfect with Béarnaise and pepper sauce.
  • Pork loin steak 45zł/ 250g
    Pork loin steak flambeed with Żubrówka Vodka . Perfect with yellow knight mushroom sauce.
  • Salmon steak 40zł/ 200g
    A perfect choice for lovers of seafood. Healthy and very tasty. Recommended with Hollandaise and Virgin sauce.


The price of the steak contains following side dishes:

  • Home-made chips
  • Pilaw rice
  • Selection of blanched vegetables
  • Mixed lettuce with classic additions
  • Caesar's salad
  • Roast potatoes

Sauces for the steak:

  • Bearnaise sauce
  • Yellow knight mushroom sauce
  • Pepper sauce
  • Virgin sauce
  • Hollandaise sauce
  • Garlic sauce
  • Demi-glace sauce

We are waiting for you as of 1st of September!

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